Head Girls

Once our students reach our most senior class, they can be chosen as Head Girls of the school. This role is then passed on when they reach 18. Head Girls have a lot of responsibility at the school, from assisting at workshops and birthday parties, to helping organise our annual musical.

Teigan Lang

Our first Head Girl is the lovely Teigan. Teigan takes 5 classes a week at Topaz and is often a Principal Role in our annual show. She is always willing to help at any event and is an absolute pleasure to work with. A beautiful singer, dancer and performer. Teigan was given her Head Girl role from May Mower.

Amber Wilson

Amber is our second Head Girl who is known across the school for her incredible singing voice and her kind nature. She is such a hard worker and is one of our student assistants. Amber always has a Principal Role in our musicals and is a pleasure to have in the studio. Amber was given her Head Girl role from Abby Chubb.

Eloise Frankland

Eloise is a long standing member of the dance school and has been dancing for 13 years. Eloise is always poised and professional, whilst managing to make us all laugh. She is trained in Ballet, Tap and Jazz and also enjoys singing. Eloise was chosen as Head Girl by the Topaz Teachers.

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